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FGSMarkets.com provides an exceptional crypto trading experience with a user-friendly platform that is highly stable, secure and reliable.

The Home of Secure Crypto Trading

Whatever type of trader you are, novice or pro, you want a secure, trustworthy and regulatory compliant crypto trading environment, where you can grow your portfolio with complete peace of mind.

At FGS Markets your data is powerfully protected at every single level. We have instituted the most stringent security protocols to ensure the safety of your funds and the privacy of your personal data with SSL encryption, impenetrable firewalls and secured, dedicated servers.

A Trusted Digital Trading Experience

At FGS Markets, trustworthiness is key. We have built strong relationships with our clients based on our ongoing efforts to ensure we have earned their trust. We have achieved this by adhering to the strictest legal compliance requirements to protect against fraud and ensure the transparency and reliability of our crypto trading platform.

We have also set ourselves apart with a commitment to excellence that is reflected in the experience of our dedicated account management team, the speed, efficiency and stability of our platform, as well as our wide choice of digital currencies, market analysis tools and advanced risk management features.

Please be assured that your personal account data is kept safe and under no circumstances passed on to any third part service provider without your expressed consent.

Join the Digital Currency Revolution

Crypto currency is changing the world of online finance by providing a fast, secure, cost-effective alternative to traditional monetary systems.

A fairer trading environment for everyone

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital cash system that enables transactions to be made across a peer to peer network, without the interference of any corporate body, bank or other financial institution. The cryptocurrency arena gets rid of the middle men, so there are no unnecessary fees or surcharges. Everyone is equal and no central authority controls the flow of money.

Protecting the privacy of your portfolio

In the digital currency world transactions can be executed instantly, from any location, while the personal privacy of network participants is guaranteed, since their network address is not connected to any real world identity.
The system is totally transparent and security is completely impenetrable, using public key cryptography that only enables the private key holder to transfer funds to and from their wallet.

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The FGS Markets Advantage


Advanced Trading Tools

FGS Markets offers valuable market monitoring capabilities. Keep one step ahead of the curve with dynamic charts and an array of advanced analysis tools that allow you to track trends, review a digital asset’s history and identify fresh opportunities.


Powerful, Reliable Software

Benefit from next gen crypto trading technology. Our robust, stable platform responds rapidly to the market offering instant trade execution, enabling you to react to emerging market opportunities, as they develop, in real time, via any device.


Competitive Trading Terms

Open an account with FGS Markets and take advantage of highly attractive, industry-leading cryptocurrency trading conditions. We are offering exceptionally tight spreads and narrow margins on flexibly leveraged digital currency trading.


Cutting- edge Security

Our main priority is ensuring the safety of your funds and the privacy of your data. We adhere to the most rigorous compliance requirements and have implemented strict technological protocols to ensure the security of your FGS Markets trading account.

  • Elisa
    I love the variety of choice that the FGS Markets platform has to offer. It has every cryptocurrency pair you can think of. Also the educational materials have been really useful for me as a beginner trader and the personal training is amazing!
  • Chris
    I want to thank my account manager. He is the first person I have ever encountered that vigorously wants to share his knowledge and skills, that only comes from many, many hours of hard work and study. Truly a gifted teacher.
  • Joan
    When I found FGS Markets, I was your basic "hope the market will go my way" trader. I took winners too soon, and waited for losers to turn-around - which they rarely did. Then things started to change. I love the relationship with my account manager and the fact that I can trade anywhere using my mobile or tablet.