The CFDs Classes

CFD trading offers an instant trading option with the bonus of no commission for all instruments.
Benefit from exposure to a huge number of markets by trading CFD's. offers very competitive spreads and unbeatable leverage.
CFD's trading offers wide exposure to a wide variety of markets and affords you fantastic leverage and very competitive spreads. Using our advanced MT4 trading platform, your BID/ASK quotes are always promptly executed.
Instrument (Platform Symbol)Spreads (as low as)**Leverage (up to)*Lot Settings (Size of 1Lot)Lot Settings (Min. Trade)Trading Hours (GMT)

Crypto currencies offered by

Instrument (Platform Symbol)Spread (as low as)**Leverage (up to)*MT4 Lot Settings
Size of 1Lot
MT4 Lot Settings
Min. Trade.
Trading Hours (GMT)

Margin Calls:

  • Customers will be warned by the trading platform, at 100% margin level, that they are getting close to automatic liquidation. Customers will only get an automatic margin call notification if they are logged into their trading platform. Therefore, customers are advised to log into their trading platform on a regular basis to ensure they monitor their Equity and any relevant notifications accordingly. may also alert Customers by phone call and/or by email that they are getting close to automatic trade liquidation of their positions. The Customer will be advised to deposit additional funds into their account or instructed to reduce/close out current open positions.
  • Customers are responsible for placing their own Stop Loss Orders to minimize losses.
  • In addition, may, from time to time and at our best effort, contact a customer and request that said customer will deposit additional Collateral to secure his or her obligations. Any call for additional margin shall not be deemed precedent for future call nor future waiver of liquidation rights by

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